Smash IPP! Set them Free!

Last night was the first meeting of our new group, Smash IPP, campaigning for the release of prisoners who are still in jail under the IPP laws. IPP is a law that means that prisoners can be kept in jail after their sentence is over for the ‘protection of the public’ and even though this law has now been abolished, thousands of people are still locked up because of it. These people have no idea when they will be released, and some could potentially be in jail the rest of their lives.

Our first meeting was well attended and we made lots of plans for the future, starting with a benefit gig next friday night at the Red and Black Umbrella Anarchist Social Centre, 57-58 Clifton St, Cardiff CF24 1LS

We are planning on holding regular stalls outside Cardiff prison to reach out to more people in the city, as well as leafletting door to door to try and connect with more people who have friends or family in jail under IPP, or people who just want to help, so at first the main costs we will be raising money for at the benefit gigs (which will hopefully become regular events) will be printing costs to get our message out there as far as possible.

See you at the gig, or on the streets